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From Colin <>
Subject Re: Object mapper for CQL
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 04:00:36 GMT
Sounds like you've done some great work.  But I still think it's a good idea for people new
to Cassandra establish a base line so that they have something to compare other approaches

It sounds like we potentially have different views in this regard, but are still interested
in the same thing-helping people be successful using Casaandra.


> On Jun 8, 2014, at 10:24 PM, Johan Edstrom <> wrote:
> On a second reply I'll provide some docs.
> We looked at Astynax (Yeah I didn't like the refactor)
> We looked at spring - "Are you fucking kidding me?"
> We have done quite a bit of work in the ORM arena.
> * I passionately hate the idea of CQL.  *
> So - I told myself, I need to make this work so I never ever
> have to work with that. See, I liked Big Table, I loved the idea of modeling without

> constrained and  contrived relations. I was even more of a fan 
> combining analytics and adjoining vertices.
> That said, - Hecate-CQL3 does address all of the above, as well as 
> a Pojo / DAO cache, a Table Cache, a what was changed store.
> If you actually think you'll be writing enterprise code at speed using 
> a Rowset, sorry, you need a foam helmet.
> /je
>> On Jun 8, 2014, at 9:05 PM, Colin <> wrote:
>> I wasn't responding as a Datastax employee.
>> I have used hector, Achilles and a few others as well.  The .net drivers used to
have an edge, but that is evaporating as well.
>> I have also built my own mapping layers.
>> But all if that was when the drivers from Datastax weren't there yet.
>> Yes, I work for Datastax.  I also speak at meetups, and contribute to the community.
>> Datastax doesn't  charge for the drivers by the way.
>> I have seen folks use third party drivers and end up paying for it down the road.

>> If you're going to consider using a community driver, then I would recommend something
that wraps the Datastax drivers, like netflix does.
>> All I am saying is that sometimes, people make using Casaandra more complex than
it needs to be and end up introducing a lot of new tech in their initial adoption-this increases
the risk of the project.
>> Also, I wouldn't use anything built on thrift.  Datastax has a growing driver team,
a growing focus on testing and certification, and if you end up wanting support for your project
and are using an unsupported driver, it can make your life more difficult.
>> In response to how quickly  responded, I often try to provide assistance out here-I
don't get paid for it, and it's not part of my job. Having close to 5 years of production
experience with Cassandra means that I have made all the mistakes out there and probably invented
a few of my own.
>> I have watched a lot if the questions Kevin has asked-his project is ambitious for
a first dip into Cassandra, I want to see him succeed, and have given him the same advice
I give our customers.
>> --
>> Colin
>> 320-221-9531
>>> On Jun 8, 2014, at 9:43 PM, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
>>> Comments in line...
>>>> On Jun 8, 2014, at 8:05 PM, Colin <> wrote:
>>>> I would check out spring Cassandra-most of the java drivers out there for
Cassandra offer very little over the new 2. driver from Datastax.  Or just use the java driver
2. as is.
>>> Interesting… answer came within 7 minutes… from a vendor (Datastax employee)…
and terribly opinionated without data to back up… I’m just sayin… ;-)
>>> Colin… did you even look at the driver referenced by Johan?  If so, thats certainly
is the fastest code review and driver test I have ever seen. ;-)
>>> Perhaps a bit more kindness may be more appropriate?  Not a great way to build
contributions from the community...
>>> <SNIP>
>>>> Whatever you do, make sure the driver you use supports CQL 3 and the native
protocol.  Thrift, like BOP, will most likely go away at some point in the future.
>>> Read what Johan stated… “hecate-cql3” <— CQL 3
>>> I think a nice look at what was produced may be a good thing for the community
and maybe even Datastax may think its kinda cool?
>>> Jeff Genender
>>> Apache Member
>>>> --
>>>> Colin
>>>> 320-221-9531
>>>>> On Jun 8, 2014, at 8:58 PM, Johan Edstrom <> wrote:
>>>>> Kevin, 
>>>>> We are about to release 2.0 of
>>>>> It is an ASL licensed library that started with Jeff Genender writing
a Pojo
>>>>> library in Hector for a project we did for Ecuador (Essentially all of
Ecuador uses this).
>>>>> I extended this with Pojo Graph stuff like Collections and Composite
key indexing.
>>>>> James Carman then took this a bit further in Cassidy with some new concepts.
>>>>> I then a while back decided to bite the bullet and my hatred of CQL and
just write 
>>>>> the same thing, it started out with a very reflection and somewhat clunky
>>>>> James decided to re-write this and incorporate the learnings from Cassidy.
>>>>> - Jeff, James and I all work together. This library is already in use
and has been 
>>>>> in use under 30 mil account circumstances as well as quite decent loads.
>>>>> What you see in trunk now under hecate-cql3 is what'll go out as 2.0,
it is a new API, 
>>>>> we support "single" pojo and Object graph, column modifiers, indexer
and everything
>>>>> else we could think of in a library that isn't ORM but maps data to C*.
>>>>> What will be out in I think 2.0.2 is an external indexer very much like
Titan and 
>>>>> possibly some more real graph (vertices) stuff. We are also looking at
an SchemaIdentifier
>>>>> so that we can get back to working with dynamic columns at a decent conceptual
speed :)
>>>>> /je
>>>>>> On Jun 8, 2014, at 2:46 AM, DuyHai Doan <>
>>>>>> You can have a look at Achilles, it's using the Java Driver underneath
>>>>>> Le 8 juin 2014 04:24, "Kevin Burton" <> a
écrit :
>>>>>> Looks like the java-driver is working on an object mapper:
>>>>>> "More modules including a simple object mapper will come shortly."
>>>>>> But of course I need one now … 
>>>>>> I'm curious what others are doing here.  
>>>>>> I don't want to pass around Row objects in my code if I can avoid
it.. Ideally I would just run a query and get back a POJO.  
>>>>>> Another issue is how are these POJOs generated.  Are they generated
from the schema?  is the schema generated from the POJOs ?  From a side file?  
>>>>>> And granted, there are existing ORMs out there but I don't think
any support CQL.
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