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From Colin <>
Subject Re: Object mapper for CQL
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2014 03:05:47 GMT
I wasn't responding as a Datastax employee.

I have used hector, Achilles and a few others as well.  The .net drivers used to have an edge,
but that is evaporating as well.

I have also built my own mapping layers.

But all if that was when the drivers from Datastax weren't there yet.

Yes, I work for Datastax.  I also speak at meetups, and contribute to the community.  

Datastax doesn't  charge for the drivers by the way.

I have seen folks use third party drivers and end up paying for it down the road. 

If you're going to consider using a community driver, then I would recommend something that
wraps the Datastax drivers, like netflix does.

All I am saying is that sometimes, people make using Casaandra more complex than it needs
to be and end up introducing a lot of new tech in their initial adoption-this increases the
risk of the project.

Also, I wouldn't use anything built on thrift.  Datastax has a growing driver team, a growing
focus on testing and certification, and if you end up wanting support for your project and
are using an unsupported driver, it can make your life more difficult.

In response to how quickly  responded, I often try to provide assistance out here-I don't
get paid for it, and it's not part of my job. Having close to 5 years of production experience
with Cassandra means that I have made all the mistakes out there and probably invented a few
of my own.

I have watched a lot if the questions Kevin has asked-his project is ambitious for a first
dip into Cassandra, I want to see him succeed, and have given him the same advice I give our

> On Jun 8, 2014, at 9:43 PM, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
> Comments in line...
>> On Jun 8, 2014, at 8:05 PM, Colin <> wrote:
>> I would check out spring Cassandra-most of the java drivers out there for Cassandra
offer very little over the new 2. driver from Datastax.  Or just use the java driver 2. as
> Interesting… answer came within 7 minutes… from a vendor (Datastax employee)… and
terribly opinionated without data to back up… I’m just sayin… ;-)
> Colin… did you even look at the driver referenced by Johan?  If so, thats certainly
is the fastest code review and driver test I have ever seen. ;-)
> Perhaps a bit more kindness may be more appropriate?  Not a great way to build contributions
from the community...
> <SNIP>
>> Whatever you do, make sure the driver you use supports CQL 3 and the native protocol.
 Thrift, like BOP, will most likely go away at some point in the future.
> Read what Johan stated… “hecate-cql3” <— CQL 3
> I think a nice look at what was produced may be a good thing for the community and maybe
even Datastax may think its kinda cool?
> Jeff Genender
> Apache Member
>> --
>> Colin
>> 320-221-9531
>>> On Jun 8, 2014, at 8:58 PM, Johan Edstrom <> wrote:
>>> Kevin, 
>>> We are about to release 2.0 of
>>> It is an ASL licensed library that started with Jeff Genender writing a Pojo
>>> library in Hector for a project we did for Ecuador (Essentially all of Ecuador
uses this).
>>> I extended this with Pojo Graph stuff like Collections and Composite key indexing.
>>> James Carman then took this a bit further in Cassidy with some new concepts.
>>> I then a while back decided to bite the bullet and my hatred of CQL and just
>>> the same thing, it started out with a very reflection and somewhat clunky interface,

>>> James decided to re-write this and incorporate the learnings from Cassidy.
>>> - Jeff, James and I all work together. This library is already in use and has
>>> in use under 30 mil account circumstances as well as quite decent loads.
>>> What you see in trunk now under hecate-cql3 is what'll go out as 2.0, it is a
new API, 
>>> we support "single" pojo and Object graph, column modifiers, indexer and everything
>>> else we could think of in a library that isn't ORM but maps data to C*.
>>> What will be out in I think 2.0.2 is an external indexer very much like Titan
>>> possibly some more real graph (vertices) stuff. We are also looking at an SchemaIdentifier
>>> so that we can get back to working with dynamic columns at a decent conceptual
speed :)
>>> /je
>>>> On Jun 8, 2014, at 2:46 AM, DuyHai Doan <> wrote:
>>>> You can have a look at Achilles, it's using the Java Driver underneath :
>>>> Le 8 juin 2014 04:24, "Kevin Burton" <> a écrit
>>>> Looks like the java-driver is working on an object mapper:
>>>> "More modules including a simple object mapper will come shortly."
>>>> But of course I need one now … 
>>>> I'm curious what others are doing here.  
>>>> I don't want to pass around Row objects in my code if I can avoid it.. Ideally
I would just run a query and get back a POJO.  
>>>> Another issue is how are these POJOs generated.  Are they generated from
the schema?  is the schema generated from the POJOs ?  From a side file?  
>>>> And granted, there are existing ORMs out there but I don't think any support
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