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From Kevin Burton <>
Subject Re: Storing log structured data in Cassandra without compactions for performance boost.
Date Fri, 16 May 2014 22:31:47 GMT
> If the data is read from a slice of a partition that has been added over
> time there will be a part of that row in every almost sstable. That would
> mean all of them (multiple disk seeks depending on clustering order per
> sstable) would have to be read from in order to service the query.  Data
> model can help or hurt a lot though.
Yes… totally agree, but we wouldn't do that.  The entire 'row' is immutable
and passes through the system and then expires due to TTL.

TTL is probably the way to go here, especially if Cassandra just drops the
whole SSTable on the TTL expiration which is what I think I"m hearing.

> If you set the TTL for the columns you added then C* will clean up
> sstables (if size tiered and post 1.2) once the datas been expired.  Since
> you never delete set the gc_grace_seconds to 0 so the ttl expiration doesnt
> result in tombstones.


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