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From Artur Kronenberg <>
Subject Re: repair -pr does not return
Date Fri, 02 May 2014 08:36:03 GMT

to be honest 2 days for 200GB nodes doesn't sound too unreasonable to me 
(depending on your hardware of course). We were running a ~20 GB cluster 
with regualr hard drives (no SSD) and our first repair ran a day as well 
if I recall correctly. We since improved our hardware and got it down to 
a couple of hours (~5h for all nodes triggering a -pr repair).

As far as I know you can use nodetool compactionstats and nodetool 
netstats to check for activity on your repairs. There may be a chance 
that it is hanging but also that it just really takes a quite long time.


-- artur

On 02/05/14 09:12, Jan Kesten wrote:
> Hi Duncan,
>> is it actually doing something or does it look like it got stuck?  
>> 2.0.7 has a fix for a getting stuck problem.
> it starts with sending merkle trees and streaming for some time (some 
> hours in fact) and then seems just to hang. So I'll try to update and 
> see it that's solves the issue. Thanks for that hint!
> Cheers,
> Jan

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