no, there's no way. you should generate the TIMEUUID on the client side so that you have it.


On Sat, Mar 29, 2014 at 1:01 AM, Andy Atj2 <> wrote:
I'm writing a Java client to a Cassandra db.

One of the main primary keys is a timeuuid.

I plan to do INSERTs using now() and have Cassandra generate the value of the timeuuid.

After the INSERT, I need the Cassandra-generated timeuuid value. Is there an easy wsay to get it, without having to re-query for the record I just inserted, hoping to get only one record back? Remember, I don't have the PK.

Eg, in every other db there's a way to get the generated PK back. In sql it's @@identity, in oracle its...etc etc.

I know Cassandra is not an RDBMS. All I want is the value Cassandra just generated.