Though cassandra can work but to me it looks like you could use a persistent queue for example (rabbitMQ) to implement this. All your workers can subscribe to a queue.
In fact, why not just MySQL?

On Thu, Apr 3, 2014 at 11:44 PM, Jan Algermissen <> wrote:

maybe someone knows a nice solution to the following problem:

I have N worker processes that are intentionally masterless and do not know about each other - they are stateless and independent instances of a given service system.

These workers need to poll an event feed, say about every 10 seconds and persist a state after processing the polled events so the next worker knows where to continue processing events.

I would like to use C*’s CAS feature to coordinate the workers and protect the shared state (a row or cell in  a C* key space, too).

Has anybody done something similar and can suggest a ‘clever’ data model design and interaction?