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From Apoorva Gaurav <>
Subject Dead node appearing in datastax driver
Date Tue, 01 Apr 2014 10:50:30 GMT
Hello All,

We had a 4 node cassandra 2.0.4 cluster  ( lets call them host1, host2,
host3 and host4), out of which we've removed one node (host4) using
nodetool removenode command. Now using nodetool status or nodetool ring we
no longer see host4. It's also not appearing in Datastax opscenter. But its
intermittently appearing in Metadata.getAllHosts() while connecting using
datastax driver 1.0.4.

Couple of questions :-
-How is it appearing.
-Can this have impact on read / write performance of client.

Code which we are using to connect is

     public void connect() {

        PoolingOptions poolingOptions = new PoolingOptions();

        cluster = Cluster.builder()

                .addContactPoints(inetAddresses.toArray(new String[]{}))

                .withLoadBalancingPolicy(new RoundRobinPolicy())



                .withCredentials(username, password)


        Metadata metadata = cluster.getMetadata();

        System.out.printf("Connected to cluster: %s\n",

        for (Host host : metadata.getAllHosts()) {

            System.out.printf("Datacenter: %s; Host: %s; Rack: %s\n",
host.getDatacenter(), host.getAddress(), host.getRack());



Thanks & Regards,

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