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From Amresh Singh <>
Subject Kundera 2.0.5 Released
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2012 21:31:07 GMT
Hi All,

We are happy to announce release of Kundera 2.0.5.

Kundera is a JPA 2.0 based, Object-Datastore Mapping Library for NoSQL
Datastores. The idea behind Kundera is to make working with NoSQL Databases
drop-dead simple and fun. It currently supports Cassandra, HBase,
MongoDB and relational databases.

Major Changes in this release:
- Cassandra 1.x migration.
- Support for Many-to-Many relationship (via Join table)
- Transitive persistence.
- Datastore native secondary index support in addition to Lucene based
indexing. An optional switch provided to change between two.
- Query support for >, < , >=,<=,!=, like, order by, logical operators and
- Connection pooling settings provided for all datastores.
- Support for all data types as required by JPA.
- Range queries for cassandra (via between clause in JPA-QL)
- Bug fixes related to self join.

To download, use or contribute to Kundera, visit:

Sample codes and examples for using Kundera can be found here:

NOSQL is as easy as SQL, if done through Kundera!
Happy working with NoSQL!!

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