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From Data Craftsman <>
Subject Wide row column slicing - row size shard limit
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2012 18:40:24 GMT
Hello experts,

Based on this blog of Basic Time Series with Cassandra data modeling,

"This (wide row column slicing) works well enough for a while, but over
time, this row will get very large. If you are storing sensor data that
updates hundreds of times per second, that row will quickly become gigantic
and unusable. The answer to that is to shard the data up in some way"

There is a limit on how big the row size can be before slowing down the
update and query performance, that is 10MB or less.

Is this still true in Cassandra latest version? or in what release
Cassandra will remove this limit?

Manually sharding the wide row will increase the application complexity, it
would be better if Cassandra can handle it transparently.

Charlie | DBA & Developer

p.s. Quora link,

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