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From Jonas Borgström <>
Subject Previously deleted rows resurrected by repair?
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2011 15:16:21 GMT

I Have a 3 node cluster running Cassandra 1.0.3 and using replication 

Recently I've noticed that some previously deleted rows have started to 
reappear for some reason. And now I wonder if this is a known issue with 

Repairs have been running every weekend (gc_grace is 10 days) and always 
completed successfully. But while looking at the logs I noticed that a 
fair number of ranges (around 10% of the total number of keys) have been 
streamed between these nodes during the repair sessions. This seems a 
bit high to me given that everything is written using quorum and all 
nodes have been up all the time.

For me this looks suspiciously like some already deleted keys are 
streamed to other nodes during repair.

Some more details about the data:
All keys are written to only once and most of them are deleted a couple 
of days/weeks later. Some keys are large enough to require incremental 

Could this bug cause this?


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