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From Jonas Bonér <>
Subject Questions around API changes
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 10:59:48 GMT
Hi there.

First, should I use this ML or the google forum?

Just getting into Cassandra, love it so far. Great work. Very impressive.
Some questions on the API changes.

* What does the new timestamp arg in
public boolean remove(String tablename, String key, String
columnFamily_column, long timestamp, boolean block)

* Any reason for making ctor in CassandraServer protected? I am
embedding Cassandra and now I have to use reflection to create the
instance. No big deal, just checking why?

* Great making the values byte arrays.

* I get this exception when invoking batch_update (in the previous
release, haven't tried with the latest trunk yet):
ERROR - Exception was generated at : 04/27/2009 15:26:35 on thread main
[B cannot be cast to org.apache.cassandra.db.WriteResponse
java.lang.ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to
    at org.apache.cassandra.service.WriteResponseResolver.resolve(
    at org.apache.cassandra.service.WriteResponseResolver.resolve(
    at org.apache.cassandra.service.QuorumResponseHandler.get(
    at org.apache.cassandra.service.StorageProxy.insertBlocking(
    at org.apache.cassandra.service.CassandraServer.batch_insert_blocking(


Jonas Bonér

twitter: jboner

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