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From Ruben Q L <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Remove "final" from AbstractRelNode#getRelTypeName
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2020 14:32:31 GMT
Hello everyone,

I have a small issue regarding RelNode#getRelTypeName [1]. This method is
used when explaining a plan (e.g. via RelOptUtil#dumpPlan), and it "returns
the name of this relational expression's class, sans package name, for use
in explain".
This method has a *final* implementation in AbstractRelNode [2], which
returns a String based on getClass().getName(). Normally, this
implementation should work fine for all RelNode implementations, but
currently I am working on a project that uses obfuscation, so this
implementation returns a non-meaningful name on our RelNode
implementations (e.g. our TableScan operators), which will lead to
incomprehensible query plans in our logs. I would like to override the
method on our RelNode  implementations, so that they can return a "clear"
relTypeName, instead of the default one based on getClass().getName(), but
at the moment I cannot do that, since the implementation in AbstractRelNode
is final.

What would you think about removing the "final" from
AbstractRelNode#getRelTypeName and allow downstream projects to provide
their own implementation? Of course, these projects shall be responsible
for providing a valid implementation at their own risk, we could even add a
warning message in AbstractRelNode#getRelTypeName saying something like "do
not override this method unless you know what you are doing" or "it is
strongly discouraged to override this method".

Of course, I know there are other alternatives for my problem, like
implementing my own dumpPlan and RelWriter mechanisms, but I would like to
explore the getRelTypeName possibility before doing that, because it would
be a more straightforward solution, and it might be useful for other people
as well.

Thanks and best regards,


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