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From Julian Hyde <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] New committer: Maryann Xue
Date Sun, 08 Nov 2015 22:32:12 GMT
On behalf of the PMC I am delighted to announce Maryann Xue as a new
Calcite committer.

Maryann (and Josh Elser announced in a separate message) are the first
committers appointed since Calcite became a top-level project.

Maryann has been doing some exceptional work on Calcite over the last
few months, in particular in the area of query planning. She is a
Phoenix PMC member and has been integrating Calcite into Phoenix as
its SQL parser, validator and query planning engine. To do this, she
has been pushing Calcite's boundaries, in particular how it deals with
sorted relations, and using the materialized view mechanism as a way
of introducing secondary indexes into Phoenix plans.

She has quietly and patiently hit, diagnosed and fixed some very
challenging bugs. One bug [1] required several days of debugging and a
deep understanding of the Volcano engine. By the time I heard of it,
she already had a solution. In my opinion, that bug alone justifies
committer status!

Please give Maryann a warm welcome to the project!



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