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From Andreas Veithen <>
Subject Fwd: FW: zones being moved to jails very soon
Date Sun, 15 Aug 2010 11:18:36 GMT
Forwarding this to because it will impact
some Axis2 subprojects, in particular Rampart.


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From: Andreas Veithen <>
Date: Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 13:15
Subject: Re: FW: zones being moved to jails very soon
Cc: "Gav..." <>,

I changed the builds of Axis2 core (trunk and 1.5 branch) as well as
Axis2 Transports so that they no longer depend on
However, I had to change the version and/or groupId of some
dependencies so that they can be fetched from Maven central. This
means that if disappears, we won't have problems
with the upcoming releases, but we will still have problems with
previous releases. Also, Rampart depends on some OpenSAML artifacts
stored in the repository on I didn't check

To summarize: we no longer need the zone, but the
site needs to be preserved. Is served from
an HTTP server installed in the zone, and if yes, it is possible to
move that to another HTTP server with a virtual host named


On Sun, Aug 15, 2010 at 09:42, Andreas Veithen
<> wrote:
> Our Axis2 build (and maybe others) still contains a reference to
> I will check if there are
> actually artifacts in there that are not available from other
> repositories.
> Andreas
> On Sat, Aug 14, 2010 at 22:42, Glen Daniels <> wrote:
>> Hi Gav,
>> I *think* we're good without a jail for now, since IIRC our old zone usage
>> was mostly for automated builds which we're now using Hudson for.  It's
>> possible we will want a jail in the future in order to host sample services
>> and the like, but we can certainly ask for it when we need it.  We're
>> generally in a "cleaning house" phase right now, so that likely won't be for
>> a while.
>> WS folks, please chime in if I'm missing anything and we really do need the
>> zone transferred to a fresh jail.
>> Thanks,
>> --Glen
>> On 8/13/2010 10:50 PM, Gav... wrote:
>>> Hi WS folks,
>>> looks like this email missed you guys first time around.
>>> I've had a look and it looks like is not in use,
>>> so your
>>> answer is likely that you don't need a new replacement Jail for the time
>>> being, but
>>> please take a read and let me know your answer as soon as you can.
>>> Thanks
>>> Gav...
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>>> From: Gav... []
>>> Sent: Tuesday, 3 August 2010 4:31 PM
>>> To:
>>> Cc:;;
>>> Subject: zones being moved to jails very soon
>>> Hi All (maintainer pmcs of a zone),
>>> This is a heads up that our Solaris machine Helios , which houses the
>>> current project zones, is to be turned off soon for good.
>>> It is being replaced by Sigyn, a FreeBSD machine which will house FreeBSD
>>> jails as replacements for these zones should they still
>>> be required.
>>> Some questions that I would like answers to ASAP please to help in the
>>> effort to get these moved. Please note that once turned
>>> off, these zones will be deleted, so be sure to back up any data you might
>>> need, and/or answer below with that in mind.
>>> 1. When your zone is turned off, will you require a replacement FreeBSD Jail
>>> ?
>>>    (Some zones seem to be not in use, or rarely at best. If we don't need to
>>> migrate to a jail
>>>     it would certainly save us some time and space, as there are many to do.
>>> Perhaps if you
>>>     are not sure, be assured at a later date if you want a Jail after all,
>>> just ask and we'll
>>>     be glad to set you up with one.
>>> 2. If provided with the Jail, would you be prepared to migrate to it
>>> yourselves ?
>>>    (Some assistance will be provided if asked for, but you know your setup
>>> better and it would
>>>     be nice if all we had to do was provide user accts and perhaps some
>>> jail/FreeSBD specific help)
>>> 3. If provided with the Jail, would you be prepared to start from clean and
>>> not require old data ?
>>>    (We would give you a clean Jail, the user accounts you require, plus
>>> install any extra initial
>>>     software in addition to the basic install should you need any)
>>> 4. None of the above, in other words, you still need a Jail and you require
>>> all the old data,
>>>    but cannot spare any time or resources in helping to move from the zone
>>> to the Jail.
>>>    (Obviously my least favourite answer, but understand if this is the case.
>>> This move from zones
>>>     to Jails is inevitable and not your choice, so are prepared to undertake
>>> all the work if it
>>>     becomes necessary. Obviously the whole process will take longer,
>>> downtime will be longer and
>>>     perhaps not knowing the setup of your zone as good as you, things may be
>>> different and/or you
>>>     may need to tweak/fix your own software afterwards to make it work
>>> (properly))
>>> I would like to get started straight away, in fact have tested on a few
>>> already.
>>> I would like to have this move completed within the next week or two so as
>>> soon you can reply I can get
>>> organised.
>>> Please reply-to infrastructure-private list only so you don't annoy the
>>> other pmc private lists :)
>>> Thanks All. And, please, if you yourselves have questions for me or other
>>> infra regarding the move, please
>>> ask away.
>>> Gav...
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