Mesage label ?

On 2/1/06, iksrazal <> wrote:
Hi all,

I'm porting the axis1.x soap monitor to axis2. The request is working fine. I
can't get the response, however, due to this piece of code in its Handler:

// Get id, type and content
    Long    id;
    Integer type;
    if (!messageContext.isResponseWritten()) {
      id = assignMessageId(messageContext);
      type = new Integer(SOAPMonitorConstants.SOAP_MONITOR_REQUEST);
    } else {
      id = getMessageId(messageContext);
      type = new Integer(SOAPMonitorConstants.SOAP_MONITOR_RESPONSE);

However, MessageContext.setResponseWritten() is not called anywhere, best I
can tell.

My question is: How can I tell that the messageContext contains a response ?

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Ajith Ranabahu