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From Nelson Minar <>
Subject RE: cvs commit: ws-axis/java/src/org/apache/axis/wsdl/fromJava
Date Mon, 12 Apr 2004 21:59:31 GMT
>What rationale does BP give for saying that putting namespace declarations
>on soap:Body is a bad thing?  Seems silly to me.

See here:

  R2716 A document-literal binding in a DESCRIPTION MUST NOT have the
  namespace attribute specified on contained soapbind:body,
  soapbind:header, soapbind:headerfault and soapbind:fault elements.


  In a document-literal SOAP binding, the serialized element child of
  the soap:Body gets its namespace from the targetNamespace of the
  schema that defines the element. Use of the namespace attribute of
  the soapbind:body element would override the element's namespace.
  This is not allowed by the Profile.

Note that R2717 says the opposite for rpc/literal.

BTW, I don't have an easy way to track the code changes. Are y'all
creating tests for the bugs you close? That way the bug will never be

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