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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Today's IRC log
Date Tue, 30 Jan 2001 20:36:54 GMT
+1.  I generally agree with everything that was said.

A few comments:

(1) I agree that rewrites are inevitable, as some point in the future we
will know more than we do now.  But that is no excuse to ignore things that
we DO know now.

(2) while in the general case, there may be some handlers or even some
specific messages that are difficult/impossible to handle without
significant lookahead, coding everything to the general case will make
everything uniformly slow.  Put in a more tangible way - inevitably
somebody will develop and publish benchmarks claiming that their version of
SOAP is better performing and more scalable than ours.  Such benchmarks are
likely to be very simple messages, though possibly large, messages arriving
at a fast rate.

For these reasons, I believe that DOM should be an option, not a
requirement.  In the fullness of time, SAX and/or pull may also be valid
options, though in order to validate the architecture, at least one
alternative that is significantly different than DOM (more so than simply
JDOM is) should be implemented.

- Sam Ruby

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