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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject Re: [AXIS ARCH] - Message Internals
Date Wed, 31 Jan 2001 00:24:43 GMT
Sam Ruby wrote:

> There are two basic approaches to streaming: a PUSH model, which SAX
> represents.  Or a PULL model, which some of the APIs which have been
> submitted to ECMA for standardization represent.  Between these two
> alternatives, James seems to favor a pull model.  I'm inclined to agree.


there are actually more alternatives for PULL model. In our SoapRMI
implementation we are using very simple XML pull parser that is so far
very well working in our C++ and Java version of SoapRMI library.

Xml Pull Parser (XPP) provides a very simple, high performance 
pull model to parse Reader or String input. It  was designed for 
and it should be optimal for applications that require
very small size XML parser - the jar file with compiled classes
is around 20 KB. Its simple pull parsing API (identical for Java and C++)
is especially well suited for unmarshalling complex data structures
from XML (such as in SOAP).

For documentation and source code under open source license
please see


Aleksander Slominski
Extreme! Computing Lab
Aleksander Slominski, IU,
As I look afar I see neither cherry Nor tinted leaves Just a modest hut
on the coast In the dusk of Autumn nightfall-Fujiwara no Teika (1162-1241)

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