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From Wes McKinney <>
Subject Re: Passing back and forth from Python and C++ with Pyarrow C++ extension and pybind11 (#10488)
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2021 18:30:19 GMT
hi Daniel — is pip-installed pyarrow your only version of Arrow or do
you have the C++ library installed separately?

here's the C++ libraries that I have installed bundled with pyarrow

-rwx--x--x   1 wesm  staff  26097016 Jun 10 13:28 libarrow.400.dylib
-rwx--x--x   1 wesm  staff   1685632 Jun 10 13:28 libarrow_dataset.400.dylib
-rwx--x--x   1 wesm  staff   8280960 Jun 10 13:28 libarrow_flight.400.dylib
-rwx--x--x   1 wesm  staff   1482232 Jun 10 13:28 libarrow_python.400.dylib
-rwx--x--x   1 wesm  staff    117256 Jun 10 13:28
-rwx--x--x   1 wesm  staff   3135080 Jun 10 13:28 libparquet.400.dylib
-rwx--x--x   1 wesm  staff    237240 Jun 10 13:28 libplasma.400.dylib

That libarrow_python* library is the one you need. If you are
depending on a separately-installed C++ library, you need to build

On Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 12:25 AM Daniel Foreman <> wrote:
> Hello,
> This is a continuation of issue #10488 on the Apache Arrow Github.  Thank you for your
quick response!
> I have added
> target_link_libraries(helperfuncs PRIVATE arrow_python_shared)
> to my cmakelists file, but it appears that cmake is unable to find this library, while
it can find both the arrow_shared and arrow_static libraries.  The documentation doesn't appear
to mention arrow_python_shared either.  Am I missing this library?  I downloaded pyarrow using
python pip install into a python virtual-environment.  Does apache arrow need to be cloned
from github to get this library?
> I can't seem to find libraries under the names arrow_shared or arrow_static in my pyarrow
module directory, and it seems these are an umbrella name for a variety of libraries.  Is
this the case?  If not, where should I look to find them?

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