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From Aldrin <>
Subject Understanding R and C++ using cpp11
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2021 00:26:03 GMT

I am trying to wrap some C++ code I have that uses arrow with R to enable
users to continue working in R. Unfortunately, I get a compilation error of
`arrow does not name a type` when it gets to the return type of my function
which is
`arrow::Result<std::shared_ptr<arrow::ipc::RecordBatchStreamReader>>`. I
posted in RStudio in case this is purely a cpp11 library issue happening (

However, I am trying to get this working with arrow data types. So, I just
wanted to check with this list the following things:

   - If I import the arrow library in R before trying to source C++ code
   that returns an arrow data type, am I able to use the object as if I
   constructed it in R?
   - If I want to have an R package that I can import like the arrow
   package (e.g. `library(arrow)`), what is the best way to either:
      - import the arrow package from my package
      - or, specify the arrow package as a dependency?

I apologize since I know that to some extent these are primarily R
questions and not arrow questions, but I am just hoping that since the
arrow R package seems complex, it makes sense to ask these questions here
as well.

Thank you very much for any help!

Aldrin Montana
Computer Science PhD Student
UC Santa Cruz

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