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From "Xander Dunn" <>
Subject [GLib] Call Plasma from GLib?
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2021 05:48:18 GMT
I've been using Arrow's GLib library to write an Arrow library for the Swift programming language.
In Python I am using pyarrow.plasma to store RecordBatch buffers, and I would like to retrieve
those in Swift. However, I just noticed that there is no mention of plasma in the GLib interface: Is Plasma not a part
of GLib by design or is it planned to add it? In the meantime, it looks like my option is
to call the arrow C++ library from my Swift layer? I see instructions here for using Plasma
in C++:

And an unrelated, less important question:

Should I be able to call Plasma from the C++ library in Cython rather than using the pyarrow
Plasma interface in Cython? I think I will just need to `cdef extern` declare all of the C++
interfaces I need to call.


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