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From Matias Guijarro <>
Subject Re: Are Arrow, Flight and Plasma suitable for my use case?
Date Fri, 19 Mar 2021 13:56:57 GMT
Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the information about Tensor (I wonder where the name comes 
from ?).

Are tensors considered apart or is it possible to put them in a column 
like normal ?

On 19/03/2021 10:20, Fernando Herrera wrote:
> However, I don't think the data stored in the tensor will be 
> compressed. It will be
> orderly stored so you can share the tensors with other processes.

How do you share them with other processes ? Is it via Plasma ?

(sorry for the noob questions - as said before I am investigating Arrow 
now, and
essentially collecting information before trying anything)

Thanks a lot,

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