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From Norman <>
Subject [Java] Question of understanding: How do the components Plasma, Arrow and Flight work together?
Date Thu, 11 Mar 2021 10:43:10 GMT
Hello everybody!
In the context of my master thesis at the university, I should deal with 
Apache Arrow. Currently, I am in the phase to get an overview of the 
components of Arrow and co. It is not yet clear to me how the individual 
components interact with each other. As I understand it, Plasma builds 
the foundation using shared memory. And Arrow works with Plasma, right? 
So when I "store" data in Arrow, it is stored in memory using Plasma. Or 
do I have to take care of it myself that Arrow uses Plasma? Lastly, I 
also looked at Flight. Flight seems to build on both components, doesn't 
it? I would appreciate it if someone would take the time and help me 
understand how these components interact with each other. My first goal 
would be to have an instance running "locally" where I can store data 
via Arrow in a Plasma Store.
Thanks and best regards Norman

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