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From "Carlos Scheidegger" <>
Subject [C++] Segfault on RecordBatchWriter::Close (Possible miscompilation?) on OS X 10.15.7
Date Sun, 21 Feb 2021 23:18:27 GMT

I'm attempting to track down a segfault I'm experiencing on Apache Arrow's C++ libraries.
I'm attaching a self-contained, minimal repro (also available in this github gist:

I'm compiling Apache Arrow's C++ libraries from Github's master branch, using commit 924449eba36acda22ccb319e8de8921c090a4cd2
(HEAD as of 2012-02-21).

On OS X 10.15.7, (Apple clang version 12.0.0 (clang-1200.0.32.21)), the binary segfaults upon
calling writer->Close() (line 56). On Ubuntu 20.04, (g++ (Ubuntu 9.3.0-17ubuntu1~20.04)
9.3.0), the execution succeeds. 

This behavior is consistent (segfault on Apple's clang 12, success on g++ 9.3.0),  regardless
of whether I compile the test file with debug or release options, always with -Wall -Werror
-Wpedantic. No errors or warnings are reported.

I still think I'm likely doing something wrong, but what makes me suspect a miscompilation
is that if I (slightly) instrument Apache Arrow by adding a print statement to cpp/src/arrow/ipc/,
(simply a 'cerr << "Calling WriteTable" << endl;' statement and the appropriate
include directive), I get different behaviors on OS X and Linux.

On Linux, (as expected) I get:

$ ./test_arrow_write
Calling WriteTable

On OS X, though, I get:

$ ./test_arrow_write
Calling WriteTable
Calling WriteTable
[1]    3023 segmentation fault  ./test_arrow_write

Note the unexpected repeated call to WriteTable. On OS X, I can confirm with a step-through
debugger on XCode that the call to writer->Close() somehow ends up in WriteTable(). 

This is where I got stuck, and I'm no longer sure how to proceed. I'll be happy to add more
information in case this helps you. (For example, I tried installing clang on Ubuntu 20.04
to check against a third compiler but couldn't get Arrow's CMake to be happy about the configuration
process. If someone can walk me through that bit I can try it.)

Thank you very much,
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