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From "Teh, Kenneth M." <>
Subject [python] not an arrow file
Date Sun, 24 Jan 2021 14:10:42 GMT
Just started with arrow...

I wrote a record batch to a file using ipc::MakeFileWriter to create a writer and writer->WriteRecordBatch
in a C++ program and tried to read it in python with:

[] import pyarrow as pa
[] reader = pa.ipc.open_file("myfile")

It raises the ArrowInvalid with the message "not an arrow file".

If I write it out as a Table in feather format, I can read it in python. But I want to write
large files on the order of 100GB or more and then read them back into python as pandas dataframes
or something similar.

So, I switched to using an ipc writer.

Can something point me in the right direction?  Thanks.


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