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From Elad Rosenheim <>
Subject Building PyArrow wheel for AWS Graviton2 (ARMv8) - Gist
Date Thu, 21 Jan 2021 09:21:18 GMT

AWS are touting ~20% lower cost and (potentially) increased performance for
their own ARM-based line (cg6<x> instance family) compared to current-gen
instances (c5 family).

Turns out that compiling a Python wheel for PyArrow on Amazon Linux 2 +
Graviton is pretty straightforward, here's a gist I've created:

My own (very non-comprehensive) test showed essentially similar performance
to current-gen Intel, but the price difference alone is interesting and in
big data workloads can be significant.

Hope that helps anyone down the line; I'll probably try to run more

Elad Rosenheim

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