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From Ben Zipperer <>
Subject [R] make_readable_file export?
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2020 17:20:43 GMT
We want to interact with Feather files in our R package and are using
arrow::FeatherReader$create(), which requires as input an Arrow file
connection object. We thought we would follow the lead in read_feather()
and use make_readable_file() like

f <- function(file) {
  file <- make_readable_file(file)
  reader <- FeatherReader$create(file)
  # do stuff ...

but make_readable_file is not exported by arrow, so I'm not sure this
approach will satisfy CRAN requirements.

Can you export make_readable_file? Or is there some other recommended way
to go from a .feather file to the required inputstream for

Thank you for the excellent package,

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