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From Wes McKinney <>
Subject Re: Arrow C Data Interface
Date Tue, 20 Oct 2020 01:46:38 GMT
hi Pasha,

Copying dev@.

You can see how DuckDB interacts with the pyarrow data structures by
the C interface here, maybe it's helpful

We haven't defined a Python API (either C API level or Python API
level) so that objects can advertise that they support the Arrow C
interface -- it's a separate issue from the C interface itself (which
doesn't have anything specifically to do with Python), and I agree it
would probably be a good idea to have a standard way that we codify
and document .


On Mon, Oct 19, 2020 at 12:34 PM Pasha Stetsenko <> wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I've been reading, which has
> "... inspired by the Python buffer protocol", and i can't find any details on how to
connect this
> protocol with other libraries/applications.
> Here's what I mean: with the python buffer protocol, i can create a new type and set
> `tp_as_buffer` field to a `PyBufferProcs` structure. This way any other library can call
> `PyObject_CheckBuffer()` on my object to check whether or not it supports the buffer
> and then `PyObject_GetBuffer()` to use that interface.
> I could not find the corresponding mechanisms in the Arrow C data interface. For example,
consider the "Exporting a simple int32 array" tutorial in the article above. After creating
> `export_int32_type()`, `release_int32_type()`, `export_int32_array()`, `release_int32_array()`
> -- how do i announce to the world that these functions are available? Conversely, if
i want to
> talk to an Arrow Table via this interface -- where do i find the endpoints that return
> `ArrowSchema` and `ArrowArray` structures?
> (I understand that there is an additional, more complicated API for accessing arrow objects, but this seems to be a completely different
> API than what CDataInterface describes).

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