We at KNIME (https://www.knime.com/) are currently looking at Arrow as an alternative data representation. Our platform is based on Eclipse and uses OSGi for dependency management. As part of that we use the Arrow artifacts available from maven and convert them to OSGI bundles.

We noticed that at least one java package (org.apache.arrow.util) is provided in two different artifacts
This is causing us trouble as the package is available via two chains. I believe this is also going to be troublesome once it's used in a Java 9+ environment where different modules(*) can't share the same package ('split package' -- some more details are here).

The simplest solution is to move classes from one package to the other (same) package. If that's not an accepted option it could also be moved into a new artifact(*) arrow-util or so.

Please advise!


(*) Bundle, Module, Plug-In, Artefact ... different terms used in different contexts but they mostly mean the same thing.