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From Joris Van den Bossche <>
Subject Re: Unexpected keyword argument 'split_blocks'
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2020 14:59:46 GMT
Hi Jayant,

This keyword was introduced in pyarrow 0.16, so you will need to
update your installation.

For updating, if `conda update pyarrow` indicates it is already
installed, you can also try `conda install pyarrow=0.16`. However, it
might be you will need to use the conda-forge channel, as I am not
sure the default Anaconda channel has more recent versions of pyarrow
available (`conda update pyarrow --channel conda-forge`).


(note: I am sending it to the user mailing list as well, which I think
is the better place for this question)

On Wed, 26 Aug 2020 at 16:52, Jayant Singh <> wrote:
> Good Evening,
> My name is Jayant and I am using pyarrow version 0.15.0 with python 3.8 on
> my MacOs catalina, latest version. As per the documentation (link
> <>), I ran following code
> to avoid memory doubling;
> df=table.to_pandas(split_blocks=True, self_destruct=True)
> But I am getting the error;  to_pandas() got an unexpected keyword argument
> 'split_blocks'
> Then I tried to update the package using: `conda update pyarrow` in the
> terminal, I got a message all packages are already installed.
> Kindly let me know how the above problem can be solved.
>  Help is appreciated.

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