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From sozin <>
Subject [Python] Providing user-defined meta-data to FlightClient.put()
Date Sat, 08 Aug 2020 15:43:02 GMT
Hello! I'm using the Python client library, and would like to include some
additional meta-data to the server during the do_put call. For example,

`lineage = dict(id=id,
client.do_put(flight_descriptor, schema, lineage)
(I have a requirement to track the data lineage for columnar-oriented data,
hence the meta-data contains things like who made the df, when they made
it, the gitsha of the program that made the data, etc).

I have gone through the flight descriptor code to see if it had anything to
help me (hoping for something generic like
`fight_descriptor.set_property("meta_data", meta_data)` that I could use
during the server's `do_put`), but found nothing :-(

Any thoughts on how I might accomplish this? Thanks in advance!

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