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From Jesse Wang <>
Subject Python and Java interoperability
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2020 09:57:24 GMT
I want to have a Java process read the content of DataFrames produced by a
Python process. The Java and Python processes run on different hosts.

The solution I can think of is to have the Python process serialize the
DataFrame and save it to redis, and have the Java process parse the data.

The solution I find serializes the DataFrame to 'pybytes':
   import pandas as pd

import pyarrow as paimport redis

r = redis.Redis(host='localhost', port=6379, db=0)

context = pa.default_serialization_context()
r.set("key", context.serialize(df).to_buffer().to_pybytes())
   A0  11  22  3


I wonder if this serialized 'pybytes' can be parsed at the Java end? If
not, how can I achieve this properly?



Best Regards,
Jiaxing Wang

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