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From Rollo Konig-Brock <>
Subject Processing GetRecordBatcheReader PyArrow - 7800
Date Fri, 12 Jun 2020 09:49:10 GMT
Hey all,

I started work on 7800, and have been running in a production system for a while now. I was
a bit unclear on some API decisions, and sadly left the branch to go stale.

Then wjones1 also had a similar requirement, and forked off trying to finish my work. This
is also going stale.

It seems like there are some really minor changes requested that I don’t think have any
material effect, and some unclear question about the API design (I’ve asked wjones1 for
write access to his fork of my branch).

I think it’d be really great to get this in even if the API isn’t the most graceful thing.
Right now the unpredictability memory usage can make PyArrow unsuitable for a great number
use cases.


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