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From saurabh pratap singh <>
Subject python plasma client get_buffers behavior
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2020 15:51:30 GMT

We are using python plasma client to do a get_buffers for arrow tables
created by java in plasma .

The python plasma client basically polls on a queue and do a get_buffers on
the object ids returned from the queue.
What I have observed is tin context of plasma object table entry for those
object ids is that the get_buffers will first increment the ref count by 1
and then there is an implicit  release call which decreases the ref count
again .

But when there are no more entries in the queue I see that few object ids
still have a lingering reference count in plasma wrt to get_buffers and
there was no "implicit" release for that get call like previous one.
Plasma version is 0.15.x
 Is this expected ?
Is there any way I can handle this and make and explicit release for such
object ids as well .


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