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From "Calder, Matthew" <>
Subject Copying and memory ownership question
Date Wed, 08 Jan 2020 12:49:29 GMT

I created a minimal cython interface to c++ and I am unsure of whether or not memory is copied
and how it is eventually freed. My files are:

--- xbk.hpp ---
#pragma once
#include <arrow/api.h>
namespace xbk {
    std::shared_ptr<arrow::Array> makeArray();

--- xbk.cpp ---
#include <vector>
#include "xbk.hpp"
namespace xbk {
    std::shared_ptr<arrow::Array> makeArray()
        std::vector<std::string> v = {"A", "B", "C"};
        arrow::StringBuilder builder;
        std::shared_ptr<arrow::Array> array;
        return array;

--- xbk.pxd ---
from pyarrow.lib cimport *
cdef extern from "xbk.cpp":
cdef extern from "xbk.hpp" namespace "xbk":
    cdef shared_ptr[CArray] makeArray()

--- xbk_arrow.pyx ---
# distutils: language = c++
from xbk cimport makeArray
from pyarrow.lib cimport *

def makeArrayWrapper():
    a = makeArray()
    return pyarrow_wrap_array(a)

--- ---
from xbk_arrow import makeArrayWrapper
a = makeArrayWrapper()
f"{a[0]} {a[1]} {a[2]}"

My questions are: when calling makeArrayWrapper from is the Array created within
the makeArray function copied when it is converted into a python object? Also, is the memory
freed by the python gc and/or the c++ lib in a timely way? If there is copying or leaking
in the above setup,  what is the correct way to pass arrow objects created in c++ libraries
back to python without copying or leaking? I read over
but I am still unsure. Thanks for any help,


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