Yes,  JIRA is good source for tracking progress, obviously it is not good for understanding the overview or summary, such as the current supported features.

Thanks for your reply


Wes McKinney <> 于2019年11月10日周日 下午11:55写道:
There are no such documents -- all of the work / TODOs are tracked in JIRA. If you find something you need that does not have a corresponding JIRA issue feel free to open one. 

On Sat, Nov 9, 2019, 2:53 AM Chang Chen <> wrote:

I am trying to find doc about current parquet-cpp current status.  i googled it, but i didn't find any useful information.

here are what i concerned about:
#1  column indexes (, the corresponding java implementation already supported it last year, though it wasn't pushed to repo.
#2  A vectorized column reader interface which can be integrated in JAVA.
#3 the feature was illustrated here(,  a better predict push down algorithm.