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From Elisa Scandellari <>
Subject pyarrow read_csv with different amount of columns per row
Date Fri, 15 Nov 2019 09:41:54 GMT
I'm trying to improve the performance of my program that loads csv data and
manipulates it.
My CSV file contains 14 million rows and has a variable amount of columns.
The first 27 columns will always be available, and a row can have up to 16
more columns for a total of 43.

Using vanilla pandas I've found this workaround:

*largest_column_count = 0with open(data_file, 'r') as temp_f:    lines =
temp_f.readlines()    for l in lines:        column_count =
len(l.split(',')) + 1        largest_column_count = column_count if
largest_column_count < column_count else
largest_column_counttemp_f.close()column_names = [i for i in range(0,
largest_column_count)]all_columns_df = pd.read_csv(file, header=None,
delimiter=',', names=column_names, dtype='category').replace(, '',
This will create the table with all my data plus empty cells where the data
is not available.
With a smaller file, this works perfectly well. With the complete file, my
memory usage goes over the roof.

I've been reading about Apache Arrow and, after a few attempts to load a
structured csv file (same amount of columns for every row), I'm extremely
I've tried to load my data file, using the same concept as above:

*fixed_column_names = [str(i) for i in range(0, 27)]extra_column_names =
[str(i) for i in range(len(fixed_column_names),
largest_column_count)]total_columns =
fixed_column_namestotal_columns.extend(extra_column_names)read_options =
csv.ReadOptions(column_names=total_columns)convert_options =
 strings_can_be_null=True)table = csv.read_csv(edr_filename,
read_options=read_options, convert_options=convert_options)*
but I get the following error
****Exception: CSV parse error: Expected 43 columns, got 32****

I need to use the csv provided by pyarrow, if not I wouldn't be able to
create the pyarrow table to then convert to pandas
```from pyarrow import csv```

I guess that the csv library provided by pyarrow is more streamlined than
the complete one.

Is there any way I can load this file? Maybe using some ReadOptions and/or
I'd be using pandas to manipulate the data after it's been loaded.

Thank you in advance

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