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From Игорь Кравченко <>
Subject Re: PyArrow connect to Azure Data Lake Gen2
Date Thu, 18 Jul 2019 13:08:44 GMT
I just tried to access my account with the storefact, and unfortunately
received the following error message:

*OSError: Blob API is not yet supported for hierarchical namespace
accounts. ErrorCode:
BlobApiNotYetSupportedForHierarchicalNamespaceAccounts<?xml version="1.0"
API is not yet supported for hierarchical namespace accounts.*

ср, 17 лип. 2019 о 14:12 Игорь Кравченко <>

> Unfortunately I cannot use Python SDK to access Storage Gen2 anymore,
> previously there was an option to access gen2 through gen's 1 API, but
> Microsoft turned it off. I wanted to use hdfs because the amount of files
> and size can really grow and I don't really want to load them to vm, but
> process in memory. And I saw that abfs is supported by hdfs, it is fast and
> reliable, so this option seemed to be really convenient for this situation,
> maybe You can suggest something else, hope it doesn't looks too rude, I
> really appreciate
> Thanks,

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