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From Sebastien Binet <>
Subject Re: Go / Python Sharing
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2019 07:18:16 GMT
As far as i know, Go does support IPC (as in the arrow IPC format)

Another option which has been discussed at some point was to have a shared
memory allocator so the arrow arrays could be shared between processes.

I haven't looked in details what implementing plasma support for Go would
need on the Go side...


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On Mon, Jul 8, 2019, 08:29 Miki Tebeka <> wrote:

> Hi Clive,
> I'd like to understand the high level design for a system where a Go
>> process can communicate an Arrow data structure to a python process on the
>> same CPU
> I see two options
> - Different processes with hared memory, probably using plasma
> - Same process. The either Go uses Python shared library or Python using
> Go compiled to shared library (-build-mode=c-shared)
>> - and for the python process to zero-copy gain access to that data,
>> change it and inform the Go process.  This is low latency so I don't want
>> to save to file.
> IIRC arrow is not built for mutation. You build an Array/Table once and
> then use it.
> Would this need the use of Plasma as a zero-copy store for the data
>> between the two processes or do I need to use IPC? But with IPC you are
>> transferring the data which is not needed in this case as I understand it.
>> Any pointers to examples would be appreciated.
> See above about options. Note that currently the Go arrow implementation
> doesn't support IPC or plasma (though it's in the works).
> Yoni & I are working on another option which is using the C++ arrow
> library from Go. It does support plasma and since it uses the same
> underlying C++ library that Python does you'll be able to pass a pointer
> around without copying data. It's at very alpha-ish state but you're more
> than welcomed to give it a try -
> Happy hacking,
> Miki

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