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From Miki Tebeka <>
Subject Re: [C++] Storing/retreiving a Table in plasma
Date Mon, 20 May 2019 17:49:59 GMT
> That link didn't work for me.

Doh! I moved it to

> Would it not be better to do this work in Apache Arrow rather than an
> external project? I would guess the
> community would be interested in this.
I do plan to suggest this as a patch to arrow once the code is usable,
currently it's just noise.

The idea behind carrow is to use the underlying C++ both in Python & Go so
that in the same process we can simply share pointers (and maybe later used
shared memory allocator to do it between processes).  I don't see a clear
path to do it with the current Go implementation since it's uses the Go
runtime to allocate memory, and carrow has a complicated build process that
currently won't with with simple "go get".

To get initial usable Go<->Python IPC quickly, I'm trying to utilize plasma
for now. However in the long run I'd like to just share pointers with no
serializaton at all.

I'd love to discuss how we can make this project usable and get the
community help in solving some "easy of build" issues later on. Would love
to have it in the main arrow eventually.

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