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From Pearu Peterson <>
Subject arrow::gpu::SerializeRecordBatch - does the result contain schema information?
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2018 16:05:32 GMT

I have implemented a function that copies host data (through wrapping it
into arrow::Array object) to the gpu device using

#define MY_COLUMN_SCHEMA(DTYPE) ::arrow::schema({arrow::field("data",

arrow::Status ToRecordBatch(const my_column* column,
std::shared_ptr<arrow::RecordBatch>* out) {
  // zero-copy
  std::shared_ptr<arrow::Array> arr;
  std::shared_ptr<arrow::DataType> dtype = GetDataType(column);
  ToArray(column, &arr);
  *out = arrow::RecordBatch::Make(MY_COLUMN_SCHEMA(dtype), column->size,
  return arrow::Status::OK();

// Use it on host
arrow::Status ToDevice(const my_column *column,
std::shared_ptr<arrow::gpu::CudaBuffer> *buffer) {
  constexpr int kGpuNumber = 0;
  arrow::gpu::CudaDeviceManager* manager_;
  std::shared_ptr<arrow::gpu::CudaContext> context_;
  manager_->GetContext(kGpuNumber, &context_);
  std::shared_ptr<arrow::RecordBatch> batch;
  auto status = ToRecordBatch(column, &batch);
  if (!status.ok()) return status;
  return arrow::gpu::SerializeRecordBatch(*batch, context_.get(), buffer);

To implement the reverse of ToDevice, a schema is needed by

Is the schema is included in CudaBuffer object?
If yes, what would be the easiest way to get it?
If not, what is the recommended strategy of passing schema+data to
gpu device, and back?

Best regards,

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