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From Andy Grove <>
Subject Aapche process questions
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2018 14:01:54 GMT

I've been creating some frustrations for myself this week because I'm not
sure how to work efficiently now that the Rust version of Apache Arrow is
in the official Apache repo.

It seems I have two conflicting requirements:

1. I want Apache Arrow [Rust] to be a community-driven high quality piece
of software built by many contributors, with a thoughtful code review

2. I want to move fast and innovate on my other open source project which
now depends on Arrow, and I want to help other projects (such as integrate with Arrow.

I have two questions that I need guidance on:

1. Is it ok for me to push updated releases to

We currently have a 0.1.0 release of the Rust library in ( which was made to reserve the Arrow name
there (with approval from Wes). The github repo has changed quite a bit
since this release but this is the only version that Rust users can easily
pull into their projects as a versioned dependency. Understanding that this
isn't an official Apache release since it hasn't been through a release
process, is it OK to push new versions of this unofficial release as PRs
are accepted into the repo? I have the *ability* to do this but I don't
know if I have *approval* to do this.

My argument for doing this is that although other Rust developers can set
up a github dependency in their Cargo,toml, this just isn't a natural way
to work in Rust so we are making it hard for people to experiment with
Arrow. The code is available in github and anyone could fork the code and
make their own release to but I'd prefer them to use the one we

2. Is releasing from a fork of the code (under a different name) acceptable?

We cannot stop people forking the Arrow repo and making their own releases
to under a different name.

I'm wondering if I should just do that for now e.g. release a
"datafusion-arrow" project from the branch in my fork where I have merged
all of my PRs. This way I can keep moving fast and if other projects such
as parquet-rs want to depend on my releases as a temporary measure, they
can, until the official Arrow crate catches up. This would fix my short
term pains but I don't want to detract from the official project.

I'd appreciate some guidance on the best way forward.



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