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From Edwin Castro <>
Subject How to merge jars and directories specified by path resource into a single jar
Date Thu, 13 Feb 2014 21:26:31 GMT
I have a handful of paths defined as

<path id="class.libs">
    <pathelement location="blah/blah.jar"/>

<path id="class.dirs">
    <pathelement location="blah/blah"/>

<path id="class.path">
    <pathelement refid="class.libs"/>
    <pathelement refid="class.dirs"/>

I have a need to merge the .class files in the jars and directories
specified by class.libs and class.dirs into a single jar. I can merge
the jars using

<pathconvert property="class.libs" refid="class.libs"/>

<jar destfile="${jar.file}">
    <fileset dir="${classes.dir}" includes="*.class"/>
        <name name="**/*.class"/>
                <path path="${class.libs}"/>

How do I include all of the .class files in the directories specified in
class.dirs in ${jar.file} as well?


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