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From Roger Vaughn <>
Subject New CAB Task, Take 2
Date Wed, 02 Aug 2000 00:00:26 GMT
Ok, here it is.  The new and improved Cab task.

This is still derived from MatchingTask - this still makes the most
sense to me even though an external executable is invoked.  I didn't
want to expose the Exec* properties, so I used an instance of ExecTask
as a delegate instead.  IOW, I've got full reuse and the interface I
want.  I also threw in a couple new features while I was at it.

Here's the docs.

The cab task creates Microsoft cab archive files.  It is invoked similar
to the jar or zip tasks.  This task will only work on Windows, and will
be silently ignored on other platforms.

Required parameters:

- cabfile: the name of the cab file to create.
- basedir: the directory to start archiving files from.

Optional parameters:

- verbose: set to "yes" if you want to see the output from the cabarc
tool.  defaults to "no".
- compress: set to "no" to store files without compressing.  defaults to
- options: use to set additional command-line options for the cabarc
tool.  should not normally be necessary.

The cab task also supports the full set of MatchingTask parameters
including "includes", "excludes", and "defaultexcludes".

Roger Vaughn

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