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From "David Primmer" <david.prim...@gmail.com>
Subject anyone want to get in on shindig?
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2008 23:12:42 GMT
I'll be getting more serious about the shindig server as 0.4 is
finished, but in the near term, anyone want to get together and have a
half-day of design/hacking next week on the first cut of the shindig
sever. This would be a good time to advocate for one approach over
another. If people are interested, I'll announce it on the shindig
list. I'd like to get the abdera devs involved and not just make it a
'learning abdera' session for the shindig devs. I'm posting this call
for interested parties here but I'd like to have the design discussion
on the shindig-dev list.



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