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From Dan Diephouse <dan.diepho...@mulesource.com>
Subject Re: 0.4.0
Date Fri, 14 Mar 2008 19:10:54 GMT
I'm uploading snapshots of the src/bin distributions now. Maybe you can 
take a look and then make a judgement call.


Dan Diephouse wrote:
> Are we still planning on doing the release with Maven? Maven does this 
> all as part of the release process "mvn release:prepare/perform" cuts 
> the tag, changes version numbers, and pushes out the jars all in one 
> nice step.
> I think the Maven artifacts are ready to go, I just need to actually 
> sit down and do this.
> Dan
> James M Snell wrote:
>> I'll cut the branch today and set all the version numbers.  I'll also 
>> create zips using the Ant build.
>> - James
>> Dan Diephouse wrote:
>>> James M Snell wrote:
>>>> I believee that the only thing holding up the 0.4.0 release is the 
>>>> documentation, which is being worked on.  It doesn't make sense to 
>>>> hold up the release of the jars much longer. I'm thinking that we 
>>>> could go ahead and ship the 0.4.0 release as it currently stands, 
>>>> then work over the next few weeks on shoring up the documentation 
>>>> on the wiki.  Once the docs are done, we can cut a new 0.4.0 
>>>> release with the updated docs.
>>>> Does that work?
>>>> - James
>>> Yup. Shall I publish some jars and distributions for us to vote on? 
>>> I may be able to do it today, but otherwise its going to have to be 
>>> tomorrow.
>>> Dan

Dan Diephouse
http://mulesource.com | http://netzooid.com 

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