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From Jordan Zimmerman <randg...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Curator 4.1.0 released
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2018 12:58:02 GMT

The Apache Curator team is pleased to announce the release of version
4.1.0. Apache Curator is a Java/JVM
client library for Apache ZooKeeper[1], a distributed coordination service.
Apache Curator includes
a high-level API framework and utilities to make using Apache ZooKeeper
much easier and more reliable.
It also includes recipes for common use cases and extensions such as
service discovery and a Java 8
asynchronous DSL. For more details, please visit the project website:

The most recent source release can be obtained from an Apache Mirror:
(mirror sync times may vary)

The binary artifacts for Curator are available from Maven Central and its

For general information on Apache Curator, please visit the project website:

Release Notes:

** Bug
    * [CURATOR-405] - Connection loss not leading to ConnectionState.LOST
and causing logs to fill
    * [CURATOR-452] - ChildData.getData() can be null
    * [CURATOR-455] - Curator's EnsembleProvider.getConnectionString() is
not re-called once the session expiration has been injected
    * [CURATOR-460] - Timed tolerance for connection suspended leads to
simultaneous leaders
    * [CURATOR-462] - InterProcessSemaphoreV2 leaves orphaned lease node if
acquiring the semaphore is interrupted at the wrong time
    * [CURATOR-472] - Test-only code started to be called in prod
    * [CURATOR-475] - Cannot effectively set connectionTimeout < 1000ms
    * [CURATOR-476] - PathChildrenCache never gets initialized if a child
dies even before a data watch is registered for it
    * [CURATOR-479] -
does not work
    * [CURATOR-480] -
is not using version parameter
    * [CURATOR-483] - Sequential PersistentNodes with protection don't
resync after reconnection
    * [CURATOR-489] - CreateOption.doProtected uses null protectedId when
applied via AsyncCreateBuilderImpl
    * [CURATOR-491] - PathChildrenCache can process background jobs after
being closed
    * [CURATOR-495] - Race and possible dead locks with RetryPolicies and
several Curator Recipes

** Improvement
    * [CURATOR-447] - TreeCache: Improve memory usage and concurrent update
    * [CURATOR-448] - Include curator framework state in error messages
    * [CURATOR-450] - Dead link in "Getting Started" documentation
    * [CURATOR-468] - Closing an active leader selector always logs
spurious error
    * [CURATOR-471] - ZooKeeper 3.5.4-beta is Java 8 minimum - Curator
should follow
    * [CURATOR-477] - Ability to turn off Zk Watches in Curator Framework
    * [CURATOR-487] - GzipCompressionProvider produces a lot of finalizable
    * [CURATOR-492] - Time to upgrade the Apache parent pom again
    * [CURATOR-494] - Make ZKPaths.makePath() methods to allocate less

** Test
    * [CURATOR-490] - Make the tests more resilient
    * [CURATOR-493] - Fix test case with testDeleteChildrenConcurrently


The Curator Team

[1] Apache ZooKeeper https://zookeeper.apache.org/

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