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From Nicolas Bock <nicolas.b...@suse.com>
Subject What does `quorumListenOnAllIPs` really do?
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2018 16:31:09 GMT

I am trying to understand what the configuration option 
`quorumListenOnAllIPs` does. The option description [1] says 
that when enabled (true) ZooKeeper will listen on "all 
available IP addresses", but that it listens for connections 
from "only the address configured in the server list of the 
configuration file" if disabled (false). What does that=20 

In the disabled state, does a ZooKeeper instance allow only 
connections that originate from an IP address that is in the 
server list? Or on the interface that has an IP address that 
is a member of the server list? 

Thanks already!


[1] https://zookeeper.apache.org/doc/r3.4.12/zookeeperAdmin.html#sc_authOptions

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