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From jay.tay...@oracle.com
Subject Is the value of $MYID allowed to change across runs in an HA ZK deployment?
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2018 18:47:29 GMT
Greetings Zookeepers,

I'm investigating possible ways for Zookeeper to run safely on top of
Kubernetes clusters.

When the zookeeper containers come online, the value for $MYID is
initially derived from the Kubernetes pod name.  All active pod names
are guaranteed to be unique within the cluster at any given point in time.

Example values:

    - zookeeper-0
    - zookeeper-1
    - zookeeper-2

and the formula for $MYID is ((the trailing number of the pod name) + 1):

    - zookeeper-0 => $MYID=1
    - zookeeper-1 => $MYID=2
    - zookeeper-2 => $MYID=3

The part I'm uncertain of is the relationship between $MYID and ensuring
each zookeeper data set stays in sync with the rest of the cluster,
particularly across container restarts.  Restarts can lead to Zookeeper
data set being launched with a different value of $MYID compared with
the previous run.  I.e., Zookeeper may have already run on any given
data set in the past when the myid file contained a different value.

Is it part of the mechanism used to ensure all follower members are in
sync with the current leader?  It seems to me that if the leader (or
followers) keep track of their peers via myid and it gets changed, there
could be problems.

Initial testing (without much load) has gone fine and things seem to
work fine when launched with updated $MYID values.  I've also been
perusing the ZK source code and inspecting how myid is used, and nothing
stood out to indicate that this will lead to future problems.  However,
experience dictates that with distributed systems the devil is often in
nuanced details, so I'm hoping the experts out there may be able to shed
light about the internal dependencies on the value of myid.

Specific questions:

    - Is myid relied on to never change, or does it only need to be
unique within the cluster at any given time?

    - What are the risks with changing myid in relation to ZK data set
directories across runs?

Your insights will be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Jay Taylor

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