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From Flavio Junqueira <...@apache.org>
Subject Re: how is zookeeper deploy at multi datacenter?
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2016 09:54:26 GMT

> On 30 Jun 2016, at 06:04, chen dongming <cademfly@hotmail.com> wrote:
> How many ways to deploy at multi datacenter for backup?

It depends a lot on what you want to do. Is it active-passive, active-active? How many locations
do you have?

> From my point view:
> 1. use observer
>     use only 1 ensemble
>     one datatcenter as main datacenter with leader and follower
>     other datacenters only with 3 observers
>     When main datacenter crash, select one datacenter as new main 
> datacenter, and convert observers to leader/follower manually.

That's an option. In this case, you have asynchronous replication to the observers, which
gives you lower latency for the primary data center, but you may lose some data in the case
of the primary data center going down. Such a loss is acceptable in some cases. If you want
to have synchronous replication, then you need to configure it to force at least one copy
to be in a different data center for every quorum write. You can use groups for this.

> 2. sync data at app level
>     use multi ensembles for each datacenter
>     sync data at app level, and app make sure no data conflict between 
> ensembles.

Is this trying to achieve synchronous replication? For synchronous replication, there are
a few options:

- If you have at least three locations, then put say three servers in each. A majority will
be 5, which means that every write spans more than one data center. In general, the quorum
size needs to be larger than the number of servers in a single location.
- If you have three locations, but you're really interested in two, then you can have your
primary replicas in two locations, say 3 and 3, and a single "witness" replica in a third
location. The witness replica simply helps to form a quorum in the case one of the primary
locations goes down.
- One option for two locations that I personally like is the one of creating two groups of
say 3 servers each. A setup of two groups will force all writes to go to a majority in each
of the two groups. In the case one location goes down, change manually the configuration to
make it single group. The single group will have all committed changes.

> Is there any other way to deploy multi datacenter for backup?
> At last, I notice issue ZOOKEEPER-892 discontinue, why ? And zoorepl is 
> suitable for multi datacenter for buckup?

ZK-892 has been stalled because no one has been pushing for it. If anyone wants it in, then
we will need to complete the work. And, as it has been pointed out in the jira, there might
be better alternatives to the replication of subtrees, so if we resume that line of work,
it is possible that the approach we end up with isn't the one proposed there.



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